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Running a government agency or department comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of those is properly disposing of waste and hazardous materials. That’s why partnering with the right skip bin provider is so important.

At ABC Skip Bins Brisbane, we’ve been helping government organizations like yours for over 10 years. With great service, fully licensed and insured operations, and a dedication to your complete satisfaction, we’re the logical choice for your skip bin needs.

Our government skip bins come in a variety of sizes to match the scale of your waste disposal jobs. We offer skip sizes from 3 up to 14 cubic meters capacity. Our drivers are experienced professionals who will deliver your skip bin on the date promised and retrieve it promptly when the job is done.

What truly sets ABC Skip Bins apart is our commitment to making the skip bin rental process worry-free.

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Ordering Process

Renting a government skip bin from us is simple:

  1. Call or go online to schedule your delivery date and size of skip bin required.
  2. We’ll deliver the skip bin on the requested date and place it wherever works best for your site.
  3. Load the skip with your waste and hazardous materials.
  4. When full, let us know and we’ll promptly pick it up and dispose of the contents properly.
  5. We’ll deliver the empty skip back so you can continue loading more waste.
  6. Just give us a call whenever the skip bin is full and ready for disposal. We’ll coordinate as many pickups as needed.


Renting one of our skip bins provides many benefits:

  • Onsite waste containment keeps your site tidy and safe
  • Quick and reliable pickup prevents overflow
  • We properly dispose of hazardous materials
  • Flexible pickup scheduling around your needs
  • Lockable lids provide secure waste containment
  • 10+ years experience serving government organizations

Our green waste and garden waste removal services allow for efficient waste management of your organic materials.

Signs you need a skip bin

  • Overflowing bins or waste piles at your site
  • Upcoming office renovations or facility upgrades
  • Periodic large-scale disposal projects
  • Onsite hazardous materials that require proper disposal
  • Complaints about unsightly waste on your premises

Waste Types Commonly Disposed

  • General office waste – paper, boxes, packaging etc.
  • Furniture, electronics and e-waste from renovations
  • Construction and demolition debris from facility upgrades
  • Hazardous materials like chemicals, batteries and lightbulbs
  • Confidential documents and files requiring secure disposal

We can handle large volumes of waste and a wide range of recyclable materials.

Things you cannot dispose

While we can dispose of most of your waste, there are some types we cannot accept including:

  • Radioactive waste
  • Biohazards
  • Ammunition and explosives
  • Gas cylinders and combustible liquids

Please let us know if you have any of these hazardous materials. We can still assist with safe disposal but may need to make special arrangements.

Safety considerations

Safety should be a top priority. Here are some tips:

  • Do not overload past its weight limits to avoid injuries or spills
  • Keep the skip bin away from power lines and flammable materials
  • Wear protective equipment like gloves, boots and hi-vis clothing when loading waste
  • Keep children and unauthorized people away from the skip to prevent injuries
  • Use caution when lifting heavy objects and get help if needed
  • Ensure it is placed on even ground so it does not tip
  • Check for sharp objects that could cut when loading waste

With our skip bin service, you have options to hire an appropriately sized skip bin for your property.

Environmental Considerations

We aim to provide an environmentally responsible service. Here’s how:

  • We properly sort and recycle materials at our facility
  • Hazardous wastes are treated and disposed of safely
  • We comply with all environmental regulations for waste management
  • Our trucks minimize emissions through efficient logistics
  • We offer secure paper shredding and e-waste recycling
  • Skip bins can be reused multiple times reducing landfill waste
  • Reporting provides insights to improve sustainability

We can take care of removal and proper disposal of waste from mixed waste to commercial waste.

Services We Provide

  • Onsite waste collection and disposal
  • Emergency and last minute skip rentals
  • Proper disposal of e-waste and paper shredding
  • Reporting for waste tracking and insights
  • Recycling services available
  • Short or long term skip rentals
  • Professional delivery and pickup

As your trusted skip bin provider, we ensure efficient and responsible waste management, from raw material to disposal of waste for a variety of waste types.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size skip bin do you recommend for our office waste?

For regular office waste, we normally recommend a 6m3 or 8m3 skip bin. Our team can assess your needs and recommend the best size.

Can I get it urgently or at short notice?

Yes, we provide emergency skip bins and can often deliver one within 24 hours of your call.

Do you allow weekend drop offs and pickups?

We provide flexible pickup and can coordinate weekend and after hours service.

What kind of materials can I put in the government skip bin?

You can place all normal office waste. We can also dispose of furniture, e-waste, secured documents and speciality items.

Do you service regional and remote areas?

Yes we service even in regional and remote locations of the state.

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