Skip Bin Sizes

Choosing the right skip bin size for your needs can be tricky. We know that sorting and clearing junk, rubbish, debris, waste and unwanted things is a big job. With over 10 years experience, we are your trusted choice for skip bin hire and waste removal services.

At ABC Skip Bins Brisbane, we offer a wide range of bin sizes to handle any cleanup or rubbish removal task, big or small. Whether you need to empty a house, garage, shed, office, warehouse or construction site, we’ve got you covered.

With our fully licensed and insured services, satisfaction guarantee and competitive rates, you can trust us to make your junk removal fast, affordable and hassle-free.

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We are the most affordable skip bin hire service for your waste removal needs.

Sizes We Offer

Size Dimensions (L x W x H) Capacity Suitable For
2m³ 2m x 1.5m x 1m 2 cubic metres Small household junk, garden waste, DIY debris
4m³ 2.5m x 2m x 1.5m 4 cubic metres Larger household/backyard cleanups
6m³ 3m x 2m x 1.5m 6 cubic metres Major home renovations, office/shop refits
8m³ 4m x 2m x 1.5m 8 cubic metres Big residential & commercial waste loads
10m³ 4.5m x 2.3m x 1.8m 10 cubic metres Huge construction site, factory & warehouse waste
12m³ 5m x 2.3m x 1.8m 12 cubic metres Massive industrial & commercial waste loads
15m³ 6m x 2.3m x 1.8m 15 cubic metres Extra large construction/demolition waste


Now, got extra heavy items like concrete, dirt or bricks?

No worries. Just give us a call to check weight limits. We’re happy to advise the best bin for your heavy-duty disposal needs.

How do I pick the perfect size?

Take measurements of the area you need to clean up and estimate how much waste there is. Bigger items take up more room. Consider how much you can reasonably fill up and wheelbarrow to the skip in one hire period.

Our team can guide you based on descriptions of your cleanup job.

Expert Tip

Aim to fill each skip bin to around 70% capacity for safe loading/unloading and transport. Overloaded bins can exceed weight limits.

Take photos of your waste piles from a few angles. Send them through when booking so we can assess the perfect skip size for your specific needs.

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